Counselor in Training

Counselors in Training (CIT) will learn the necessary skills to become responsible camp counselors and leaders. This is a two week-long session. The program will consist of classroom instructions, hands-on activities, and a variety of team building tasks.

In addition to the classroom instruction the CIT’s will spend a few hours each day working with camp counselors.  At the conclusion of the program all CIT’s will have a better understanding of the responsibilities associated with being a camp counselor. CIT’s will also be able to apply the leadership skills they learn to their own academic goals and future successes. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program. Participants in the program get American Red Cross CPR certified as well. 


Session 1: July 20-July 31
Session 2: August 3 - August 14


$600 per session

Questions? Feel free to reach out! 

PHONE: (781) 862-7850 ext. 350