Where curriculum comes to life...

Lexington Christian Academy’s MakerSpace provides space, time, and technology to the community for the purposes of experiencing and exploring relevant connections to the physical world through innovation and experimentation. It’s a dynamic space for students to experiment, explore, create, and discover. Have an idea? You can build it here.


What is a MakerSpace?

A MakerSpace is an art studio, media center, robotics lab, and woodshop... all rolled into one. It's a place where students can freely create and experiment with new ideas without the fear of being graded.

What equipment do you have?

We are fully stocked.

Equipment includes: 

Three 3D printers
Laser Cutter
Large Format Inkjet Printer
Bench Grinder
Air Compressor
Power Saws
Woodworking Tools
Soldering Station
Arduino & Raspberry Pi
Hot Wire Cutter
Adobe Creative Suite
FinalCut Pro
Lego's & K'Nex
Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


Are there classes taught in the MakerSpace?

Nope! We intentionally maintain a class-free zone in our MakerSpace, to help encourage free experimentation and risk-taking. We do deploy mobile MakerSpaces to classrooms regularly though, to help teachers incorporated Maker-Centered Learning into their everyday curriculum.

When is the MakerSpace Open?

The MakerSpace is open for free use on Monday and Friday afternoons, and Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 

On Wednesday afternoons, we host CoRE LAB, our coding, robotics and engineering club.