We Are Kind.
We Are Creative.
We Serve Others.

From the hallways, to the classroom, to the art room, to the athletics fields, LCA is a place of hospitality.
We're not all the same, yet there's mutual respect and openness to learning from one another.
It's a place where people know who you are and what makes you special. 



We believe in celebrating. From big accomplishments to random acts of kindness, we come together every week to intentionally
celebrate each other, and encourage one another to continue pursuing the LCA way. As a community, we rally together to
appreciate each other's accomplishments, serve others joyfully, and generously love one another.



Students are prepared to engage in college and beyond, while establishing friendships that will last a lifetime. Lexington Christian Academy
is a place where students with different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives learn from each other, agree, disagree, change,
and engage. Each individual is celebrated for who they are and who they will someday become.