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When LCA moved to remote learning, a theme emerged – continuity in our community, culture, and curriculum. In this video, Amy Chaney, LCA’s Director of Middle School, explains how our community has continued to thrive even when we are not in person.

In the midst of online learning, it has become our focus to keep the spirit of LCA strong, regardless of the circumstance. In this video, James Talkington, LCA’s Academy Director, explains how LCA has continued with its commitment to provide an excellent curriculum through the context of a commitment to our faith in Christ.   

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The LCAx Summer Academy brings remote learning to a whole new level. Our interactive courses are designed to sharpen students’ academic skills, engage their creativity, and build healthy remote learning habits. Summer Academy will set every student up for success in their next step, whatever that may be!

  • Sharpen content knowledge – be fully prepared & ready to thrive in the Fall.
  • Learn how to learn online – build healthy habits for remote learning