"I appreciated being involved in a smaller, more intimate environment where a teacher could pull you aside and say,
'Wow, you can sing.' I don’t think that happens at a bigger school. And that happened across the board at LCA."

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Theatre Director/Director of Cross Worship and Performing Arts Center: Christopher Greco

After I graduated from Brandeis University with an MFA in Playwriting, former headmaster, Barry Koops, invited me to become LCA's first ever dedicated theatre faculty from 1992-1998. I eagerly returned in 2013 after the grand opening of the 430-seat Cross Worship and Performing Arts Center, having served as an arts and worship pastor during the intervening 15 years. While pastoring, I had the privilege of creating an original musical with Canadian worship leader, Brian Doerksen, based on the parable of the prodigal son.  (www.prodigal-god.com). I serve as the Pastor of Worship at Calvary Chapel in Chelmsford, and I am also two courses away from a masters in counseling degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Current productions

2017-2018 Teaser



 2017 Incubator Summer Theatre Project - Thursday July 20

For the second summer in a row, alum and current students are heating up the Cross Center to workshop a new play.  This year, we are working on the one-act "Charlie and Ella," written by Juliet Morrison '17, for which she won a Boston Globe Silver Key.  We are also helping Michael Burrowes '16 to develop his new one-act, "Inner Circle."  

Participating actors are Rebecca Minasian '14, Josiah Perez '15, Gabby Bodet '16, Julia Conceison '15, and Eli Perez '18, with rehearsal support from Ben Rozonoyer '16, Arielle Moreira '16, and Aubrey King '16, and technical support from Garrett Traer '18.

On Thursday, July 20, we will have a free public reading of these two works-in-progress at 7 p.m..  They will be partially staged, and actors will be working with scripts in hand.  After reading the plays, we will invite the audience into our play development process to consider the strengths, weaknesses, and unexplored possibilities of these evolving scripts.  Such an interactive, process-focused setting is invaluable to young playwrights as they practice their craft.  Come support LCA theatre and encourage these writers to keep writing!  

(Don't be fooled by the title of our summer program, the air conditioning is working just fine in the Cross Center, and perhaps by next week, we'll need to use it again!)

Featured News

Boston Globe features "Standardize Me" in March 2016 issue. Read article here.


Theatre Productions

There’s a genuine sense that theatre cannot be “taught” but rather “caught”. This is why play production, the extra-curricular component, is central to the teaching of theatre. Theatre is a uniquely collaborative field populated with distinct roles on stage and off, all of which can be bona fide vocational callings. In three mainstage productions a year, we learn by doing stagecraft: lights, sound, movement, set design, props, costumes, and of course, writing, directing, and the ritualized reenactment known as acting.

The curricular program provides students with a foundational structure to contain the live learning that takes place in production. Coursework offers students an opportunity to gain vocabulary, context, and methodology; to skill build, to reflect, and to consolidate. Any one of the students might discover a lifelong calling in the performing arts at any point, so we take it all quite seriously. At the same time, most students are simply in it for the fun of doing something creative, and very unlike the rest of the school day. So we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Ultimately, theatre is not about the lights and the costumes, the tickets and the programs. It is about two-way communication. Theatre is about reach and response. Theatre is about risk and integration of the new experience. And hence, theatre is about faith and community.

To study the history of theatre is to study an uneasy partnership between religious faith and the performing arts. How appropriate that we do much of our learning/teaching in the recently completed Cross Worship and Performing Arts Center because it is the cross of Christ that answers this age-old conflict definitively. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us – how theatrical in scope and in process!

Cross Crew

The Cross Crew is a circle of parents who offer their gifts and energy to help LCA theatre students to shine. 

  • Set Design/Build/Paint with Mr. VanderBrug and Becky Rusk
  • Costumes with Penny Sparrow
  • Box Office with Linda Perez
  • Cast & Crew Hospitality with Mr. Greco


Your every contribution, big and small, is most appreciated.


Email: christopher.greco@lca.edu




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