From Left to Right: David Leveille '56, Irene Campbell, 1961 Boys Varsity Basketball team, Dave Barram '61

The 2011 Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees
Mr. David Leveille ’56 – Boys Varsity Basketball

“Desire, hustle and skill developed a team long to be remembered by Christian High Fans,” writes the yearbook staff about the 1955–56 Boys Varsity Basketball team. The team finished with 16 wins and just 4 losses. David Leveille was a key reason for the success of the team. Known for his exceptional timing and remarkable spring, Leveille was able to out-jump and win rebounds over many of his taller opponents. His fierce determination on the court, his ability to rally his team, and his Christian testimony both on and off the court have earned him a place of honor in the Athletics Hall of Fame at LCA.

David Leveille transferred in as a junior to Christian High School and immediately took over the sports scene, playing for the Varsity Baseball and Basketball teams. It was the latter where his superior skills were really showcased. During his junior year, Leveille led the CHS Trojans in scoring and rebounding. His senior season got off to an auspicious start, averaging 20 points per game. Leveille’s great skill as an athlete made games exciting to watch. With his famous hook shot, for instance, Leveille sank 30 points against chief rival, Rivers Country Day. And, it was his ability to sink free throws that took down the Red Raiders in a nail-biter win as well as his 36 points over Topsfield by a margin of just one point. He also was the recipient of the George Durward Memorial Award.

Leveille’s abilities as a leader were fundamental in rallying the team. He co-captained the team with his close friend, Dave Rivers. The two captains, nicknamed the “Dynamic Duo,” led their team to victory many times over.

After his graduation in 1956, Leveille went on to attend Taylor University, where he played center, forward, and guard on the basketball team. As if one college varsity sport weren’t enough, he also played on the football, baseball, and track and field teams at Taylor.

Following graduation from Taylor, Leveille continued to pursue his two passions: education and sports. He took a teaching position at a high school in West Bridgewater, MA, and continued to coach. He later became a professor, Dean of Students and coach at Barrington College in Rhode Island. Eventually, he migrated west, received his doctoral degree from the University of Southern California while distinguishing himself in the California State University system, and then as acting director and deputy director of the California Postsecondary Education Commission. He lives with his wife of 46 years, Marty, in California. They have two children and five grandchildren.

One of Leveille’s favorite Bible verses is Matthew 28:12, “He that shall humble himself shall be exalted.” While a student at CHS, Leveille exemplified an outstanding Christian testimony both on and off the court. “That has not changed over the past 55 years. His life has been one of dedicated service in education and sports. Yet his many accomplishments have never altered his quiet, unassuming demeanor,” says friend and classmate Pat Cole.

As a basketball player, Leveille exhibited determination, leadership, and inimitable talent, earning him a well-deserved place in the Athletics Hall of Fame.

Ms. Irene Campbell – Coach

In keeping with the tradition of writing their “last will and testament,” the Class of 1984 wrote that they would “leave an office without students in it” to Ms. Irene Campbell. This, no doubt, was a way of thanking Campbell for her constant availability to students. As a physical education and science teacher, as an advisor for Student Council and Peer Issues Group, and as a coach, at one point or another, of four different sports, Campbell has been an encouraging and steady presence at LCA. It is for this latter portion–her tireless work as a coach–that we wish to honor her with a place in the Lexington Christian Academy Athletics Hall of Fame.

Before arriving at LCA, Campbell attended Northeastern University, where she played softball and lacrosse for the varsity teams. Her love for coaching was clear, as she made time while still a student at Northeastern to coach basketball and softball at LCA. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, Campbell continued to play softball for a semi-professional league in Lowell. She also continued her studies while working at LCA, eventually receiving a Master of Sports Science from Boston Bouve Northeastern University and a master of arts from Eastern Nazarene College.

Irene Campbell has been an integral member of the LCA community since 1972, when she began as the physical education teacher, science teacher, and field hockey coach. Campbell has coached a variety of sports: from Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Field Hockey, to Girls Varsity, Junior Varsity and Middle School Basketball, Girls Lacrosse, and Girls Softball. One of her many strengths as a coach has been her ability to focus on how each player could improve her individual strengths. She is the kind of coach for whom players want to give their best. In the 1986 yearbook dedication to Campbell, her players wrote, “We did our best for you, and that is all you asked. Thanks for making the Athletic program the best ever.”

One of Campbell’s favorite passages from scripture is Galatians 6:2-5, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves. Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, for each one should carry their own load.” These verses represent Campbell’s approach to team dynamics: upholding one another, while also emphasizing personal responsibility.

Campbell has been a model coach at LCA, keeping spiritual values at the center while developing strong athletes on the field. In describing her 1998 Varsity Field Hockey team, Campbell says “We learned to rejoice in suffering and to persevere.” The individuals that played for her received life lessons. She showed them what persistence, hard work, and glorifying God in one’s actions looks like in daily living. When her Girls Basketball team won 2nd place in the AISGA in 1979, for instance, they celebrated their success. They also looked for ways to improve in the future. Her emphasis on diligence, faithfulness, and hard work produced 1st place finishes in the AISGA for the 1981 and 1982 teams.

Campbell’s coaching record (eight championship teams across four sports), her Christian testimony, and her ability to inspire athletes have earned a place of honor in the LCA Hall of Fame.

The 1961 Boys Varsity Basketball Team

The 1961 Boys Varsity Basketball team left an indelible mark on Lexington Christian Academy. From their storybook rise to win the Bay State D Championship, to their roster of All-Star players, their record breaking season, and their dogged determination, students, faculty, staff, and friends were inspired.

Bucky Yardume, writer for the Boston Traveler, nicknamed the team the “Little Giants.” This couldn’t be a more fitting name. In 1961 CHS had a total enrollment of 130 students, only 40 of whom were eligible for the Boys Varsity Basketball team. They were one of the smallest schools competing in their bracket. Undeterred, the Trojans played a 19-game schedule, finishing with a 17-2 record. “This was truly a great season as unbeaten foes were conquered, all-time records fell, and total team and school spirit reached unprecedented heights,” wrote the yearbook staff.

Coach Miles Strodel, who also served as Headmaster at CHS, declared them “his best team,” which means a lot coming from a man who started coaching at CHS at just 21 years of age. Their season had all the dramatic flair necessary to make it a memorable one—going undefeated for 11 games (an Academy record to that point); pulling off a huge upset in their win over Thayer, a team that hadn’t been beaten in 7 years; losing by 3 in overtime to New Prep to end their undefeated streak; battling back to break the school mark for total number of victories.

Ending with a 17-2 in-season record, the Trojans set off for the Bay State Class D Tournament. They steadily defeated each team that they faced in sectionals, quarter finals, and semi finals. In the final championship game against Provincetown at Brandeis University, the Trojans got off to a shaky start, trailing 19-11 at the end of the first quarter. The team pulled together, though, led by Dave Barram, Ken Guild, and Dick Harpell. With their aggressive play and keen shooting in the fourth and overtime periods, the Trojans defeated Provincetown 59-56. CHS/LCA yearbook writers declared their 21-2 season “the greatest in the history of the school.”

The 1961 Boys Varsity Basketball Team’s determination, commitment to excellence, and example of unity have earned the team a well-deserved place in our Hall of Fame.

Mr. Dave Barram ’61 – Boys Varsity Basketball

A Christian High School Lantern yearbook tradition is for senior students to leave comments that compile a “Last Will and Testament.” These comments are comprised of both serious and witty remarks about students’ last wishes and/or future plans as they embark on the next phase of their lives. In 1961, a 17-year-old senior David J. Barram writes that he “takes it all with him to be economical.” Evidently, Barram’s business-minded “last wish” was resolute, because 50 years later he returns to LCA with a wonderful success story as CEO of his own start-up, along with an impressive hard-earned resume of accomplishments, experience, and awards.

Even as a young man, Barram was no stranger to determination and conscientiousness as he excelled in various activities. Class president, National Honor Society member, and captain; Dave is most well-known for his basketball legacy at Christian High. His leadership and athletic abilities helped direct his teammates to victory in the first Bay State Class D Championship in our academy’s history. His nickname, Dave “The Shot” Barram, accurately depicted his contributions to the team, as Barram became the second CHS player to achieve over 1,000 points in three years. There is little doubt that Barram left a notable legacy at Christian High, both in athletics and in class leadership.

Following graduation, Barram attended Wheaton College in Illinois, graduating in 1965. Shortly thereafter, he earned his master’s at Santa Clara University. Amidst these degrees, Barram demonstrated his propensity for excellent leadership once again, serving as Naval Officer and Officer-in-Charge of a coastal minesweeper in Pensacola, Florida.

After his time in the Navy, Dave moved to Silicon Valley, California, where his diligence, hard work, and abilities as a leader earned Barram senior positions at Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, and Silicon Graphics. Barram moved on to serve in Washington, D.C. for the Clinton administration. In 1993 he was appointed by the President, and confirmed by the Senate, as the Deputy Secretary and COO of the Department of Commerce. In March of 1996, the President appointed him, and the Senate again confirmed him, as the Administrator (CEO) of the U.S. General Services Administration.

Following his service, Barram returned to California to resume his business career. He has served on a number of boards, including being Chairman of a start-up company, where he also served a stint as CEO.

Dave Barram’s exceptional leadership, both on and off the basketball court, as well as his athletic ability, and wonderful Christian example have solidified his spot in the CHS/LCA Hall of Fame.



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