Concentrations: 21st Century Opportunities at LCA  

Concentrations provide opportunities for students to enhance our liberal arts curriculum by exploring an area of interest in greater depth. Students may select a concentration in the second semester of 9th grade, and they continue to work in subsequent years to meet the requirements.

Global Studies Concentration

What are the benefits of Global Studies Concentration?

  • Learn additional language with Rosetta Stone
  • Provide opportunities for students to study abroad

Arts Concentration

  • Visual Arts students develop a capstone portfolio with gallery presentation
  • Music students perform a recital of their own compositions or an advanced master work
  • Theatre students write and/or direct an original production

STEM Concentration

Students with demonstrated interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math propose independent projects that they complete with the guidance of a mentor. Visit the STEM page for more information.


How will the concentration curriculum fit into the school day?

Some of the requirements will be met with the work assigned across the curriculum. There will be additional work that students will do independently. This may be done during vacations, over the summer, or fit in around other assignments.

Concentrations will require independent work and significant record keeping on the part of the student. A student who does not work well independently or organize his or her time effectively is likely not a good candidate for a concentration. Please note that a teacher recommendation is required.

What happens if a student starts the program but isn’t able to meet the requirements?

Students will have to meet the benchmarks each year. If a student does not meet the benchmark, he or she may withdraw from the concentration.


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