"Does faith in Christ truly work in the real world of Wall Street?"

"How does our faith compete in a world of human loneliness and suffering?"

The Student Veritas Forum is a day set aside to explore answers to some of the hard-but-true questions of faith, learning, and life. We want to teach students to examine the difference that a foundation built upon Christ's way, truth, and life can make in our lives outside the Academy.




VERITAS 2017: Laura Schroff
April 11th

Guest speaker: Laura Schroff

Laura Schroff, an international and #1 New York Times and international bestselling author and keynote speaker, is a passionate and compelling voice on the power of small acts of kindness and mentorship. Laura has fully committed herself to advocating and inspiring others through her books, An Invisible Thread, An Invisible Thread Christmas Story and newly released, Angels on Earth. As a keynote speaker at over 200 events, Laura encourages her audience to look for their own invisible thread connections and highlights the importance of opening up their eyes and hearts to the opportunities where they can make a difference in the lives of others. Photo credits: Jennifer Tonetti Spellman

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Veritas Workshops

Leslie Bodkin
Topic: Mental Health, Disabilities, & the Christian Community

Leslie received both her Bachelor’s degree and her Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of New Hampshire. Her primary practice has been early intervention over the past 15 years, accompanied by forays into school-based practice and outpatient pediatric rehabilitation. Her special interests include young infants with significant motor delays, feeding disorders, and sensory-processing disorders, as well as providing support to parents and helping to calm their anxiety in their journey with their child who has a disability. Leslie currently works for Cambridge-Somerville Early Intervention. She also serves as Director of Enable Boston (disability ministry) at Park Street Church in downtown Boston.


Dr. Timothy Sherratt        
Topic: American Politics & Christianity

Dr. Timothy Sherratt is Professor of political science at Gordon College and teaches American Politics, Constitutional Law, Public Policy, and Christian political thought. Dr. Sherratt received his B.A. and M.A. from Oxford University and his Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky.  Dr. Sherratt is a fellow of the Center for Public Justice in Washington D.C., and is the author of Power Made Perfect? Is There a Christian Politics for the Twenty-First Century? (published by Cascade Books/Wipf and Stock, 2016).


Brian Ellis  
Topic: Christian Faith in College

Brian helps direct the Boston Metro ministry of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). Here he gets to work with thousands of students at 47 of the top schools in the country. Brian attended Babson College. After college he volunteered for a year working with Cru on college campuses and this led him on a journey to work fulltime with college students helping them understand the gospel as it is lived out in community.


Veritas 2015: Youth Culture
April 23-24 

More information coming soon!

Guest Speaker: Walt Mueller - President/Founder, Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

Dr. Walt Mueller is the founder and President of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, a non-profit organization serving schools, churches, and community organizations across the U.S, Canada, and worldwide in their efforts to strengthen families. Walt has been working with young people and families for over 35 years. He is a recognized authority on youth culture and family issues, and has appeared on numerous media outlets internationally to discuss teenagers and their world. A regular seminar and conference speaker, he communicates effectively with adults and teenagers alike.

He has written extensively on youth culture and family issues and is the author of the following books: 99 Thoughts For Parents of Teenagers (Group, 2011); The Space Between: A Parent's Guide to Teenage Development (Zondervan, 2009); Opie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: Where Faith, Family, and Culture Collide (Standard Publishing, August 2007); Youth Culture 101 (Zondervan, June 2007); I Want to Talk With my Teen About Movies, Music & More (Standard Publishing, September 2006); Engaging The Soul of Youth Culture: Bridging Teen Worldviews To Christian Truth (InterVarsity Press,  February 2006); and the critically acclaimed Gold Medallion Award winner, Understanding Today’s Youth Culture (Tyndale House, 1994). This book was updated and expanded and re-released in January 1999.

He is a regular contributor to a variety of publications (both professional and popular) including Youthworker Journal and GROUP. Walt Mueller's commentary and analysis on youth culture is heard daily on over 800 radio stations across the United States and Canada on CPYU's daily radio program, Youth Culture Today. Walt Mueller earned his B.A. in Sociology from Geneva College (Beaver Falls, PA) and his M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (South Hamilton, MA, Summa Cum Laude), and his doctorate in postmodern generations from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Walt and his wife Lisa live in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania and have four children.



Guest speaker: Tim Kamps - President, iTechnologies, LLC

Tim is a recovering middle school teacher, who spent 15 years as the Director of Technology for Holland Christian Schools, a five building, 1,800 student school system in Holland, Michigan. In 2005, after a successful 1:1 laptop pilot in 6th grade, he helped lead the district in rolling out a 1:1 laptop program for 500 middle school students in 3 buildings. The fall of 2009 saw the district expand the 1:1 laptop program to over 1,200 6th through 12th graders.

In 2009, Tim was selected to be an Apple Distinguished Educator and in 2010, his high school was recognized by Apple as one of 53 Distinguished Schools throughout the nation. His school hosted numerous visits from school districts around the Midwest who wanted to learn how technology has transformed their teaching and learning. He has taught graduate workshops, led numerous conference sectionals and presented to colleges of education to encourage changes to pre-service training.

From 2005 – 2013, Tim served as a board member of the Michigan ISTE affiliate, MACUL. From 2009-2010, he served as board president.

After 24 years working for Christian schools, Tim started his own consulting company to help more schools leverage technology to change the teaching and learning process.

Breakout Session Speakers:

Dr. Ivy George – Professor at Gordon College, Sociology and Social Work
Topic: Women’s Issues
Professor George is committed to the multi-disciplinary opportunities that sociology offers in her classroom. Her research and teaching since 1983 have focused on gender, religion, race, ethnicity, globalization, and social change. She leads Gordon students in their study abroad program in South Africa, and is currently working on a book on international adoption. She received the Distinguished Senior Faculty Award in 2012. Professor George will be speaking on the issue of women’s equality and gender studies.
Dr. Harold Dvorak, MD – Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Department of Pathology
Topic: Health/Research
Dr. Harold Dvorak is a vascular research scientist, a professor of Pathology and one of the most highly acclaimed cancer researchers in the world. He is the founding Director of the Center for Vascular Biology Research at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as well as named as the Mallinckrodt Distinguished Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Dvorak is widely known for his discovery of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), which he was awarded the Canada Gairdner International Award for, as well as nominated for a Nobel Prize. Dr. Dvorak will be speaking about his work and his experiences of how his foundation in the Christian faith shaped his life and work.
Josh Bennett – Managing Director, Weatherbie Capital
Rich Swanson – CEO, World Partners
Topic: Business

Josh is a co-manager on the Specialized Growth Institutional Strategy. Josh’s primary research responsibilities are in the industrials, business services, and consumer sectors. Josh joined Weatherbie Capital in July 2007. From August 2004 through June 2007, he was an equity research analyst at MFS Investment Management in Boston, where he focused on the Aerospace/Defense and Transportation sectors. He also spent 3 of his 5 years prior to business school at Fidelity Investments as a High Yield research associate.  Josh received his MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth (Edward Tuck Scholar with Distinction). Previously, he earned a B.A. in economics (Summa Cum Laude) from Wheaton College (IL). Josh is a CFA charterholder and is a member of both the Boston Security Analysts Society (BSAS) and the CFA Institute. Josh is a member of the Investment Committee at Lexington Christian Academy (Lexington, MA).

Rich Swanson is the CEO of World Partners, an organization devoted to starting socially conscious business in order to bring about global development and outreach for the gospel.
Prof. Montague Williams – Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Religion, Eastern Nazarene College
Topic: Race
Professor Williams’s teaching and research examines intersections between the academic fields of practical theology, ethics, and cultural studies. He arrived to Eastern Nazarene College after 10 years in youth ministry and student development, and he is a contributing member of scholarly societies, such as the American Academy of Religion, Religious Education Association, Wesleyan Theological Society, and the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry.


Student Veritas 2013

Does faith in Christ truly work when it’s tested against the bumps, bruises, and cuts of the real world? How does it work in the world of relationships and families? In the real world full of human loneliness and suffering? In Haiti and Japan? In the real world of Wall Street? Of Boston’s urban streets? In impoverished countries? On competitive athletic fields and courts? How can we as Christians live faithful lives through our careers, our creative endeavors, and in the public square?

On Thursday, April 17th LCA presents its ninth biannual Student Veritas Forum for juniors and seniors. According to Director of Studies Dr. Winsor, “Our Student Veritas Forum is a day set aside to explore answers to some of the hard-but-true questions of faith, learning, and life. We want to teach students to examine the difference that a foundation built upon Christ’s way, truth, and life can make in life outside the Academy.”

LCA’s Veritas 2013 features keynote speakers Dr. D. Michael Lindsay and Dr. David I. Smith.

Dr. Lindsay is an award winning sociologist and educator. He is the 8th president of Gordon College. President Lindsay earned his Ph. D. in sociology from Princeton University. From 2006 until 2011, he was a member of the faculty at Rice University where he directed the Program for the Study of Leadership.

Lindsay has written a Pulitzer-nominated book, Faith in the Halls of Power, and is a leading expert on issues relating to religion, culture and leadership. The title of his talk is Why a Liberal Arts Degree is the Best Way to Become a World Class Leader

Parents are invited to join our students to hear Dr. Lindsay at 8:00am.  

Dr. Smith is Director of the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning and Director of Graduate Studies in Education at Calvin College. Dr. Smith has written many articles and several books including Learning From the Stanger.

A native of the United Kingdom, Dr. Smith has also studied in Canada and taught in Germany. Before moving to Calvin he worked as a researcher and teacher educator at the Stapleford Centre, a Christian educational institute in Nottingham, UK. He currently serves as an editor of both the Journal of Education and Christian Belief and the Journal of Christianity and Foreign Languages. Dr. Smith is a frequent speaker at professional meetings.  Dr. Smith will be speaking on hospitality and learning from the stranger.

Workshop Speakers:

Mikel Wisler: Film writer, director and producer

Title: Wide Awake in the Dark

Born in Brazil, South America, Mikel Wisler (pronounced “Michael Whistler”) spent most of his childhood in Campo Grande, Brazil. Living in a large city with many theaters, he grew up an avid viewer of films.


Mikel J. Wisler is an award-winning filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed several short films that have played at festivals, gaining both nominations and awards as well as international distribution since 2005. Mikel has a B.A. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Writing, Theatre, and Cinematography and a B.A. in Philosophy from Bethel College, Indiana. He attended the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC) in 2003 where he studied screenwriting, filmmaking, and had an internship with Infinity Management International in Beverly Hills.


Dr. Sarah Wolinski: Dr. Wolinski Earned her Ph.D. in Physics at University of Michigan where she served as a research assistant.

Title: Thinking God’s Thoughts After Him: Embracing Modern Science Alongside Christian Faith

Dr. Wolinski’s PhD work was in the area of high-energy physics. She served as a research assistant at the University of Michigan. Dr. Wolinski also worked in the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. She is currently chairing the monthly book discussion for GC Science Advisory Group. A group she helped to found. She is a frequent speaker for both adults and high school students on topics of science and faith.

The Veritas Forum has a long history at Lexington Christian Academy. In 1996, a group of seniors asked for a forum such as this one. They were convinced that LCA students were looking for a focused forum in which they could ask tough questions. “We hope that by offering the Veritas Forum again in 2013 we are continuing the process of helping students find answers that are true and that can form a strong foundation of faith in Christ,” Director of Studies, Dr. Winsor says. “Every one of our students must confront life’s complexities and questions, challenges and concerns. Seeking truth together and asking questions together, we can be bold to explore true life and see if Jesus Christ really does answer the hard questions of life.”

What does it take to imagine and practice a truly flourishing, life-giving way of life?

In the biennial Veritas Forum for our juniors and seniors, we invite them to continue their exploration of this essential life question. Within the Veritas Forum we seek to bring together the hard, real and true questions of life with the firm, wise and true answers of Jesus.



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