Private Day & Boarding School Tuition and Scholarships

At Lexington Christian Academy, affording a private school education is possible for families of many income levels. Unfortunately, some families do not consider independent schools like LCA due to the high cost of tuition. We firmly believe that the cost of a private independent school education should not be a deterrent to prospective families. We have multiple ways of working with families to assist them in making an education at LCA possible.

An integral part of our mission is to promote socioeconomic diversity among our student body. To achieve this goal, the school allocates more than $1.7 million of the annual operating budget to financial aid and scholarships. This portion of the operating budget is supported by gifts to LCA’s Academy Fund by parents and other donors as well as funds from the Academy’s endowment. These funds help many of our families bridge the gap between what they can contribute financially and the actual cost of attending LCA.

Tuition & Fees

LCA offers different tuition costs for our middle and upper schools, as well as for our boarding school program. Our tuition and fees page has information regarding the cost of textbooks and supplies, tutoring services, and our international student program. Tuition also covers local field trips, activity fees, and more.

Need-based Financial Aid

LCA offers need-based financial aid that does not to be repaid. Families must complete the application every academic year to be considered. Learn more about the process on our financial aid page.

Merit Scholarships

New and returning LCA students are eligible for merit-based scholarships. Some scholarships require a completed application form while others are awarded by faculty nomination. Scholarships are awarded in addition to financial aid awards.

Payment Plans

LCA uses Smart Tuition to help process and manage tuition. We offer three payment alternatives in the form of one full payment, bi-annual payments, and ten monthly payments. Many payment method options are also available. Learn more about our payment plans now.

Learn more about LCA’s tuition and scholarships today!

Lexington Christian Academy is dedicated to providing students with a private Christian school education that’s affordable with opportunities for financial aid and scholarships. Interested in finding out more? Request more information today!


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