Visual Arts

Everybody is creative.

We believe this wholeheartedly, and strive to help students unlock their creative potential by providing ample opportunities to experiment with ways to create new things, express themselves, and build beauty into the world around them. 

Visual Arts Curriculum

The Cross Center Gallery




Amy Chaney

I believe strongly that creativity is something that can be taught and cultivated in every student. While some students are born with a natural inclination towards art, God has created us all with the unique, human ability to think critically and create. I believe that we have been made in God’s image as creative beings because we are supposed to create things. It is my job as an art educator to facilitate the development of these innate gifts and allow for students to find and develop the media and methods that best allow them to express their thoughts, feelings, and intelligent criticisms of our world.  I aim to prepare students to be equipped to create original work, to innovate, and to bring the creative skills learned in the art room to their other subjects freely and naturally.



Chip VanderBrug

It is my passion and privilege to teach in the Visual Arts at LCA. I wake up every morning and thank God he’s given me this gift (calling). I love teaching in the Visual Arts of this Christian Academy because I enjoy helping each student realize their God given, innately creative visual talents and capabilities. Whether it’s a student who thinks he or she can’t draw a straight line with a straight edge or the student who is called to make the Visual Arts their calling. It’s about nurturing and challenging each and every student to recognize and use their visual voice. We are created in the image of God and because of that we are uniquely able to be creative.