Keeping the beat...

The Music Department is committed to exposing students to a wide variety of forms of musical expression, with the goal of encouraging an open-mindedness to unfamiliar musical styles. Technical knowledge, specific terminology, and historical perspective enable students to ask informed questions about new music they encounter, as well as provide a basis for personal value judgments.

The Music Curriculum



Vocal Music Director, Mary Bulger

As the Choral Director at LCA, I believe that music is an essential part of a human being. It is the one sound we can all produce in unison. Everyone of us has the ability to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” I have a great passion for music and I am excited to share it with young students as they become aware of the unique voice God has given them.



Instrumental Music Director, Matthew Visconti

Music expresses one's thoughts and emotions when words often fail. The creation of music is a wonderful journey that we can take into a composer's mind, thoughts and emotions and recreate it in the present. I believe that here at LCA, that we must learn all that we can about the music we play to give us an accurate representation of a composer's intent. The student musicians at LCA learn to express themselves as individuals and as ensembles so the audience can have a glimpse into the composer's and the student's imaginations.