We offer over 15 different visual art courses that are open to all students as electives throughout their careers at LCA.


We offer an endless variety of large and small ensemble programs for student musicians.


Full-scale musicals, student-written plays, literary adaptations, and classic Shakespeare are on regular rotation on stage.


From middle school to our advanced, high school Chamber Singers, all of our students have the chance to sing in a chorus.

Artists thrive here.

The Arts Division at LCA is a collaborative department of active, professional artists instructing students towards a faith-infused love and understanding of why it is important to practice creativity and expression. We offer abundant opportunities to students of all interests, backgrounds, and skill levels, and provide a balanced and in-depth experience navigating the physical world through the artful use of their voices, bodies, and through the creation of objects. We encourage and explore the cultivation of curiosity, in pursuit of a meaningful understanding of why the arts are an essential part of their education and life. 



The Music Department is committed to exposing students to a wide variety of forms of musical expression, with the goal of encouraging an open-mindedness to unfamiliar musical styles. Technical knowledge, specific terminology, and historical perspective enable students to ask informed questions about new music they encounter, as well as provide a basis for personal value judgments.

visual art

We believe wholeheartedly that everybody is creative. We strive to help students unlock their creative potential by providing ample opportunities to experiment with ways to create new things, express themselves, and build beauty into the world around them. 


The curricular program provides students with a foundational structure to contain the live learning that takes place in production. Coursework offers students an opportunity to gain vocabulary, context, and methodology; to skill build, to reflect, and to consolidate.