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Lexington Christian Academy is a place where you will be known and challenged. It will prepare you for college,
you’ll develop lifetime friendships, and you just might uncover some hidden gifts you didn’t know you had.
LCA is a place to take risks and become a leader. It is a place to discover passions, talents, and yourself.

But don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself!




“LCA has been a great opportunity for me because the Christian environment creates an atmosphere that allows people to speak about life productively. This atmosphere is one that allows Christians and non-Christians alike to voice their opinions and feel welcomed at LCA.I personally believe that this environment is what has made me want to understand the things that occur in the world." 
– Riccardi Dalexis '19




“Dr. Clark has helped me to understand how science and God can be compatible and how rewarding it can be to study the universe He has perfectly made. She supports her students outside of the classroom, as well. I am forever thankful to Dr. Clark for piquing my interest in science and advising me in my journey with biology.”
– Jennifer Murphy '18




“I appreciated being involved in a smaller, more intimate environment where a teacher could pull you aside and say, “Wow, you can sing.” I don’t think that happens at a bigger school. And that happened across the board at LCA. I met Coach Campbell and she encouraged me to play sports. Everywhere I went there was someone in authority that was a mentor and encouraging me-drama, music, sports, academics.”
– Keri Claiborne Boyle '91, Author and Triathlete




“Throughout Kevin’s four years at LCA, it was really an education for me as well. The best school is not necessarily only focused on a single factor; is it focused on actually nurturing every aspect of the student.”
– Jinbo Lee, Parent of Kevin Lee '15




Meet our Admissions Team

We’re here to help! We would love to talk with you to answer your questions, tell you more about LCA, and walk with you through the application process. 

From left to right:

Sam Newcomer is an Admissions Counselor and will likely be your first contact here. As a newcomer himself, Sam will help you feel right at home! 
PHONE: 781-457-6000        EMAIL: sam.newcomer@lca.edu

Cindy Torjesen is Director of International Admission, the Director of Residential Life, and an alumni parent. If you have a question about boarding or just want a parent's perspective, talk to Cindy! 
PHONE: 781-457-6001        EMAIL: cindy.torjesen@lca.edu

Ryan Patrie is Director of Domestic Admission, an LCA alum, and also a soccer and lacrosse coach. Try to find a question that Ryan can't answer!
PHONE: 781-457-6002        EMAIL: ryan.patrie@lca.edu