Academics in Action

Every year students have the opportunity to be a part of a strategic, week-long Academics In Action program. In lieu of regular classes, students choose one full-day or two half-day courses that are focused on seeing how our academic coursework is put into action in the real world.

These focused workshops dynamically inform our students' college and career choices. Students get hands-on experience, and have the opportunity to discover their God-given gifts. Our students are able to develop new interests and passions through these intentional environments. 

Academics In Action: March 18-22, 2019

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Recent Course Offerings

Business & Education

Speak to Win
Toying with Teaching
Student Podcast Challenge for National Public Radio (NPR)


Acoustic Craftsmanship
Mechanical Engineering

Science and Mathematics

CSI LCA - Forensics
Marine Biology
"So You Want to Be a Doctor?": Immersive Introduction to Medicine
Kinesiology and Exercise Science
Mathematics of Swordsmanship
Intro to Programming in Java

Theology and Social Issues

Film, Religion, & Our Lives
Patterns and Perspectives
Mock Trial Court
Trash: A World Crisis
Court is in session! 


Cultural Studies

Exploring Cultures Through Cooking
Global Studies
Italian Heritage, Art, and Culture
A Trip Around the World Through Foreign Films
Everything Korean

Literature & Writing

Expressing Creativity and Emotions Through Journals
Seinfeld. The Office. Friends. I Love Lucy. Parks and Recreation

Arts and Music

Dancing Through the Decades
Improv & Stand-up Comedy
Art History on View
Patterns and Perspectives through Knitting and Conversation

Health and Fitness

Martial Arts: Krav Maga
Kinesiology and Exercise Science



Photography Trip to New Mexico


Our students have the opportunity to go on a variety of trips during Academic in Action week. These trips include:

  • Annual 8th grade trip to Washington D.C.
  • Biannual International trips to Europe
  • Environmental Science trips to the Florida Keyes
  • Photography trip to New Mexico