Support Lexington Christian Academy

Throughout its nearly 75-year history, LCA has been committed to providing significant amounts of financial aid and scholarships, which dramatically expands our outreach to families. In the 2019-2020 school year alone, over $2.3 million in financial aid and $650,000 in scholarships were awarded to 180 students, about 59% of the student body. This was made possible through generous donations from the LCA community — current and past parents, faculty, staff, along with alumni, extended family and generous friends from local churches. 

Each and every gift given to the annual Academy Fund provides immediate resources that have a long lasting impact on our students. Your gift will be spent this year to provide scholarships and financial aid for students; resources and training for faculty; and help LCA strengthen and grow our programming. 

Your gift to the Endowment Fund will help LCA grow our permanently endowed resources, helping secure our long-term financial health. Interest earned each year from these funds will be used for scholarship support and faculty resources. 

If you would like to talk about planned giving options, or additional specific funds we offer, please contact the Office of Development: (781) 862-7850 ext. 129

Thank you for your generosity.

We can't do this without you.

An investment of any amount directly impacts current students and faculty for the better, and helps to create spaces where leaders can grow into their greatest potential. We are grateful for the thousands of people who have chosen to partner with LCA over the years, and thank you for giving today.