Acoustic duo named "Best Group/Duo" in 2014 by the IAMA performs at LCA on Friday, April 10th! You don't want to miss this!
LCA is happy to now offer Online Applications for domestic and international students!
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Alumni Spotlight

After graduating from LCA, Arnold went on to Drew University, where he earned his degree in Political Science. Arnold moved to the DRC in January 2013 to work as a Reports Officers in the World Food Programme, the food aid agency of the United Nations. There, his job is simply "to tell the story of the Congolese people to the world and let the world hear the plight of the men, women and children that have suffered for far too long."

Recent News

Both Teams Selected as #8 Seeds
Defense and Transition fuel Lady Lions Success
Lee '15, Meaney '16, and Calandra '17 advance to National Tournament


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About Us

“My life was touched eternally by teachers like Belle Strickland and Grace Pierson, and when I think of that new Performing Arts Center I hear echoes of Amy Young Burns and Bennie Goodwin encouraging us to make a 'joyful noise' around the piano in the chapel. Precious memories, indeed."

Located in Lexington, MA, Lexington Christian Academy provides a vibrant environment that challenges young people in grades 6 through 12 to approach academics with a Christian mind. Founded in 1946, LCA is committed to a fusion of academic and experiential learning. The school focuses on educational innovation as it prepares students to rise boldly to the challenges of our times. Come and join in the excitement of a dynamic school that integrates faith and learning as they prepare young women and men to attend the colleges of their choice.


“It all started with LCA. I had great support from people like Mrs. Schuhmacher and many more LCA faculty, staff, friends and families who helped my family in difficult situations and teachers who invested in me."

At LCA, we enroll motivated and well-rounded students who exhibit a passion for learning and for community building. We are eager to admit new students who value the importance and privilege of education, and who want to be a part of a respectful peer group that seeks to honor God. We realize that selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. We are committed to seeing you through this process in a manner that we hope you will find friendly, honest and informative.


“The teachers put everything they had into teaching. They took the time to talk to you. A lot of people laid the groundwork for my faith here."

Our curriculum builds on a foundation of basic skills to cultivate the concepts and intellectual skills needed for an understanding of the arts, humanities, and sciences. We emphasize the conceptual, abstract, and critical thinking; problem-solving; and independent study. We offer a challenging college preparatory curriculum that includes honors, Advanced Placement, and independent study courses that encourage academic and personal discipline.


“I think playing sports at LCA encompasses most of the valuable morals that I took with me from LCA. I learned how to love my sisters in Christ, encourage one another, and sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron."

We are committed to strong athletic programs while also recognizing, too, that Athletics exist side-by-side with the academic commitment of our Christian institution. We seek to develop student-athletes that are successful in the classroom and on the playing fields. Efforts are made to have athletic schedules interfere minimally with classes, extra help sessions, and other events that contribute to the complete experience of an LCA student. It is our hope that our student-athletes are passionately devoted to their endeavors in the classroom, and exhibit that same passion on the fields of competition.


“I appreciated being involved in a smaller, more intimate environment where a teacher could pull you aside and say, 'Wow, you can sing.' I don't think that happens at a bigger school. And that happened across the board at LCA."

Our program encourages students to practice skills and the discipline to be intuitive. We strive to balance individual expression with theory, and technique and connect to an awareness of the role of art in society and to celebrate it. We see our role as offering opportunities; some students follow a passion, others try something for the first time. By fostering skills of acting, interpreting, drawing, sculpting, painting, singing, and playing instruments, our arts faculty challenge students to discover their creative potential. We joyfully encourage, challenge, acknowledge, and direct students towards the understanding and application of their individual creative gifts.

Student Life

“Everywhere I went there was someone in authority that was a mentor and encouraging me – drama, music, sports, and academics."

"But what exactly is it about LCA that makes this community so special? I've given this a lot of thought and as far as I can tell, the most unique aspect of the community is the sense that there is a force bigger than us at work. The people here are aware of and reverent towards God, and put their trust in Him. What sets us apart from so many other institutions of learning that may look similar is our common faith in and shared love for Christ. Without that, we would not be the Lexington Christian Academy that we know and love. Nor would be as effective a community reaching out to each other and into our world."

Summer Programs

“I’d be 100% elated if my kids grow up to be wonderful citizens of the world as the counselors are. They (counselors) are phenomenal role models. My children are treated with respect and kindness all while having the time of their life."

LCA provides a fun and academic opportunity for students ages 6 - 18 to continue their education and also exercise their creativity with a balance of math, science, art, and athletic programs designed to encourage new friendships and fuel the mind. We offer several camps such as:

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“LCA prepared me in ways I have slowly appreciated more and more on my way into the adult and professional world. Happy to give back for the next generation."

We are grateful to have a community that understands and supports the work of Lexington Christian Academy. Whether it is through volunteer hours or philanthropic investment, Lexington Christian Academy is grateful for your commitment to the LCA community. Gifts to the Academy Fund support the everyday operations of LCA, while endowment and capital gifts make LCA’s future success certain. Together, our investment in LCA ensures bright futures for our students. Please consider supporting LCA today! Click here to learn more!

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Lexington Christian Academy

Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) was founded in 1946 with the belief that faith and learning are key and inseparable components of Christian education. As a school that was born out of the evangelical movement in New England, our founders believed... Read More

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